IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

Telepharmacy services: A concise review

Prajakta D Suryawanshi, Jameel Ahmed S Mulla

Telepharmacy is a most rapidly expanding area of transmission and communication within biopharmaceutical care delivery, mostly in rural areas. Telepharmacy has been embrace to supply pharmaceutical services to underprivileged areas and discussing the situation of pharmacist shortage. It can be used as a tool to decrease the load or burden on the medical management and increase drug dispensing welfare in community pharmacies. The motive of this review is to find out how telepharmacy is nowadays being practiced within society, its success, and how it is being modulated across the United States and also to evaluate the influence of telepharmacy services on patient welfare, cost. Advantages and restrictions of telepharmacy are explained as well. There are three class of pharmacy practice, namely prescription and resolution of drug therapies, remote education and handling of “special pharmacy”, support to clinical services. In general, distinct telepharmacy services were accompanied and successful by a fulfilment of their targets. Nowadays the insufficiency of health employees, and pharmacists is a challenging topic that the health system have to face. The use of new telecommunication technology like telepharmacy is a promising approach to resolve these problems.
Keywords: Telepharmacy, Pharmaceutical Care, Telemedicine, Technology, Remote.