IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

A novel approach to oral drug delivery: Fast dissolving oral films ‎ ‎technology ‎

Akshay R Yadav, Kiran R Salunkhe

Many pharmaceutical companies switch their products from tablets to oral thin films ‎(OTFs) that dissolve easily. Films have all the advantages of tablets (precise dose, simple ‎administration) and those of liquid dosage types (easy swallowing, rapid bioavailability). ‎Statistics have shown that four out of five patients prefer orally disintegrating dosage ‎forms to traditional strong oral dosages forms. There is trouble swallowing or chewing ‎solid drug formulations in pediatric, geriatric, bedridden, emetic patients and those with ‎Central Nervous System disorders. Many of these patients are non-compliant in ‎administering solid dosage forms due to fear of choking. OTFs are immediately wet with ‎saliva when put on the tip or the floor of the tongue. As a consequence, OTFs hydrate ‎quickly and then disintegrate and/or dissolve to release the local and/or systemic absorption ‎drug. This technology offers a good forum for the production of patent-free products and ‎for the extension of the patent life cycle of existing products. Not only is the use of quick ‎dissolving oral thin films restricted to the oral rapid dissolving system, but it also applies to ‎other applications such as gastroretentive sublingual delivery systems. This review ‎highlights the special features, component, classification and techniques used in ‎preparation of fast dissolving films.‎
Keywords: Fast Dissolving Films, Oral Cavity, Solvent Casting Hot Melt Extrusion, Solid Dispersion ‎Extrusion.