IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Lip Jelly Containing Hylocereus Polirhizus Alcoholic Extract for Lip Shade

Akshay R Yadav, Kiran R Salunkhe

People nowadays are looking for naturally formulated cosmetics, including lip jelly. Hylocereus Polirhizus extract was used in the formulation of Lip jelly. Lip jelly was found to be similar to lipstick and lip balm in terms of efficacy. Lip jelly protects the lips from the weather and gives them a good look. Synthetic colours are commonly used in today’s world, which has negative implications. Ancient people used roots and herbs to produce cosmetics that were found to be healthy for humans. In India, Hylocereus Polirhizus is a natural dyeing agent that gives the formulation a red or purple colour. The new lip jelly formulation is made with a natural dye extracted from Hylocereus Polirhizus. Colour, odour, spreadability, pH, melting point, and other organoleptic properties are evaluated. The formulation was found to be odourless and had a appealing colour. The pH was between 6.0-7.0, the melting point was between 54-55°C, and the viscosity was between 442-630 cp. The established lip jelly properties were found to be satisfactory.

Keywords: Herbal Lip Jelly, Hylocereus Polirhizus, Spreadability, pH, Melting Point.