IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

Overview on microneedle based vaccine delivery system

Mayur U Joshi, Jameel Ahmed S Mulla

Vaccination is without a doubt the most efficient disease preventive and eradication health measure. Nonetheless, there is still a need to improve immunization coverage over the world. The utilisation of delivery vehicles capable of producing an effective immune response while also improving stability, safety, and cost effectiveness is a viable technique for achieving this aim today. Vaccination with MN devices addresses the skin’s complex immune system, resulting in greater antigen utilisation and a stronger immunological response, generally with a smaller vaccination dose than with traditional delivery methods. Despite the numerous benefits and nearly four decades of research, there are now only a few licenced MN-based vaccinations available. This article focuses on types of microneedles for vaccine delivery, advantages and disadvantages and evaluation of microneedles
Keywords: Vaccine Delivery, Micro-needles, Pathogenic.