IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

Review on controlled release drug delivery system

Jyoti D Mhoprekar, Jameel Ahmed S Mulla

The controlled drug delivery systems consist in technologies that aim to release therapeutic agents in a specific target as needed to achieve the desired therapeutic outcome. Controlled release systems are well used to control the drug plasma concentration after administration by various possible routes. They can play the important part in targeted drugs delivery system in organs or tissues.  It is to ensure safety and to improve strength of the drug as well as patient compliances. Pharmaceutical discovery and research are increasingly focused on delivery systems that enlarge desirable therapeutic objectives while decreasing the side effects. The maintenance of the concentration of drug in the plasma in therapeutic index is most important for effectual treatment. The controlled release drug delivery system works on many different mechanisms to regulate the release rate of drugs. Various mechanisms like osmotic pressure, matrix system, reservoir system etc. It also discusses the usual drug delivery systems and in addition controlled drug delivery systems are mentioned in detail with the design, classifications and drawings features. This article provides on an ideal requirement and different approaches, advantages, properties, types involved in the evolution of controlled release drug delivery system for the better delivery of the drugs.
Keywords: Drug Delivery System, Controlled Release, Pharmacokinetics,Dosage Forms, Drug Release, Dose Size, Release Rate.