IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

Enzymosomes as lipid bio carrier for targeted drug delivery system

Akshay R Yadav, Vaishnavi S Patil


Enzymosomes are specially engineered lipid structures that provide a suitable microenvironment for the enzyme to be immobilised inside lipid structures or covalently coupled to the lipids’ outer surfaces. Its main use is to make permeation easier as well as to deliver targeted drugs to tumorous cellular sites. These vesicular systems provide a great deal of versatility in drug development, allowing for the elimination of a variety of side effects and bioavailability issues. The use of nano systems to deliver drugs to the CNS through the BBB is a promising lead for improving treatment methods for various types of malignancies. Enzymosomes, including ethosomes, transferosomes, pharmacosomes, virosomes, and non-lipoidal ones like niosomes, aquasomes, and others, are lipid bio carriers. Various studies have shown that each carrier is successful in its operation. Enzymosomes can thus serve as a assuring carrier nucleus in the development of a new generation of flexible drug design systems in the future.

Keywords: Enzymosomes, Lipid Bio Carrier, Lipid Structures, Targeted Drugs, Vesicular Systems.