IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

A Promising Approach in Modern Drug Delivery: Vesicular Drug Delivery System

Aishwarya C Patil, Akshay R Yadav

Plants are the medicines of nature and have been used for food and medicine since ancient times by human beings on earth. Today, there are global trends towards the discovery of herbal medicines in plants to bring them to the market through an effective human drug delivery method. The basic idea behind it is that each disease’s cure is concealed in nature. The distribution of herbal products, however, also needs to be changed in order to achieve sustained release, improve patient compliance, etc. Due to packaging, standardization, extraction and detection difficulties, previous herbal drugs could not attract scientists to the modifications of novel drug delivery systems. But now, with advances in technology, modern drug delivery systems (NDDS) are opening the door to the development of a new herbal drug delivery system. Using advanced toxicity safety methods, stability improvement, enhanced bioavailability of herbal formulations, physical and chemical degradation protection can be achieved. In order to achieve modified delivery of herbal drugs by increasing the therapeutic benefit as well as reducing toxicity, novel drug delivery technologies have gained significance. The existing reviews include information on different novel approaches used to enhance the safety and efficacy of phytomedicines and to apply novel formulations.

Keywords: Vesicular Drug Delivery Systems, Drug Delivery Carriers, Archaesome, Pharmacosomes, Virosomes, Proteasomes.