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World Journal of Drug Delivery

Editorial Board

Editorial Board Members:

Jun Fang,  Sojo University, Japan

Research assistant, Thoracic department, lung cancer research Institute, China Medical University.   
* Early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer
* Expression of CD44 in human lung cancer by use of immunohistochemical technique.
Cancer chemotherapy and macromolecular drugs for tumor targeting (therapy, imaging) Macromolecular Therapeutics for Reactive Oxygen Species-related Diseases (infection, inflammation, ischemia/reperfusion injury et al.)

Sangkil Lee,  Keimyung University, Republic of Korea

Research Subjects:
1. Preformulation and formulation, development and stabilization of chemicals & biopharmaceuticals
2. Solubilization of poorly water soluble drugs employing colloidal and polymeric nano drug delivery systems
3. Drug delivery through biological membranes (Buccal, nasal, pulmonary drug delivery)

Manoj Kumar Mishra, Shambhunath Institute of Pharmacy, India

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