IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

Review on buccal drug delivery system

Asmita S Sonawale, Jameel Ahmed S Mulla

Drugs can be delivered both systemically and locally through the oral cavity. Buccal drug delivery is a potential topic for further investigation with the goal of systemic distribution of orally ineffective medications as well as a viable and appealing alternative for noninvasive delivery of powerful protein and peptide therapeutic molecules. The oral route has long been the most convenient and widely used method of medication administration. The necessity for a safe and effective buccal permeation absorption enhancer is critical for the buccal medication delivery field’s future success. The goal of a buccal drug delivery system is to accomplish site-specific drug release on the mucosa, which entails drug absorption across the mucosal barrier and into the systemic circulation. Absorption through the buccal mucosa prevents active drug loss due to presystemic metabolism by overcoming premature drug degradation caused by enzyme activity and the pH of the gastro intestinal tract. It is possible to produce fast acid hydrolysis and therapeutic plasma concentrations of the medication. Natural polymers have an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. Mucoadhesive polymers are used to increase drug delivery by increasing the contact time and residence time of dosage forms with mucous membranes.
Keywords: Buccal, Natural Polymer, First Pass Effect, Buccal Mucosa, Permeation Enhancer, Bioadhesive Polymer.