IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

Phytosomes: An advanced drug delivery system ‎

Vidya A Kheradkar, Jameel Ahmed S Mulla‎

Phytosomes are the advanced drug delivery. The primary goal of this research is to concentrate on phytosomes, which are widely utilised as the greatest technology in the pharmaceutical industry because to their expanded therapeutic benefit and unique adverse effects. The main objective of this review is to focus on Phytosomes which are being used large as best technology in pharmaceutical field because of expands their therapeutic effect and minimize unusual side issues. Phytosomes is a news specific technology developed to integrate standardized plant extracts into phospholipids to give a lipid soluble molecular complex with boosted bioavailability and absorption, which is termed as “phytosomes”. The two words that make up phytosomes are “Phyto” and “Some,” both of which refer to plants and cells, respectively. The review’s first section introduces phytosomes technology and highlights its benefits, while its second section gives an overview of preparation techniques, evaluation, and possible applications. A brand-new, unique technology called phytosomes was developed to incorporate regular plant extract into phospholipid to produce a molecular complex that is lipid soluble .It is enhanced pharmacokinetics and bioavailability. It is used for develop the pharmaceutical formulation for improve bioavailability of herbal phyto constituents. This is advanced form of herbal formulations which encompasses the bioactive phytoconstituents of herb extracts surround and fated by a lipid. The present review brief description the highpoint of phytosomes technology, preparation methods, advantages, properties, evaluation and application of phytosomes.
Keywords: Phytosomes, Drug Delivery System, Plant Extract, Phospholipid, Advanced.