IDAAM Publications

Volume 1

January-March 2023

A novel lipoidal vesicular drug delivery system: Sphingosomes‎

Akshay R Yadav

Sphingosomes are vesicular drug delivery systems in which sphingolipid bilayer membranes fully enclose an aqueous volume. Sphingosomes can be utilized for therapeutic, cosmetic and diagnostic purpose for the delivery of active to the target site or organ. Oral, parenteral, inhalation, transdermal, and other routes of administration are available. Sphingolipids found in sphingosomes provide a range of benefits to these vesicular systems, including passive and active targeting mechanisms. Bioeffector molecules such as sphingolipids are being produced to control cell growth, proliferation, and anticancer therapeutics. Because of their usefulness in improving the in vivo delivery of various chemotherapeutic agents, biological macromolecules, and diagnostics, sphingosomes have become a hot subject. The focus of this analysis is on the use of sphingosomes in drug delivery technology.
Keywords: Sphingosomes, Sphingolipid, Bioeffector Molecules, Vesicular Systems, Drug Delivery.